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HtmEbook Creator 1.4

A compact tool to create executable e-book files from standard HTML documents
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HtmEbook Creator is a free and simple tool designed to convert your standard HTML documents into electronic books. The program offers no editing capabilities, but it efficiently transforms any of your HTML pages, images included, into a single executable file with all the basic browsing controls that you need to read your e-books comfortably.

As I already mentioned, you will not be able to change the layout of the created e-book using HtmEbook Creator – it will simply reflect the choices you made when creating the HTML page. Thus, all editing needs to be done beforehand, as this tool is solely devoted to performing the conversion process. This straightforward approach reflects in the program's simple yet practical interface. The only settings that you will be allowed to decide on refer to the security of the output file – thus, you can add a password for opening the EXE file, and define the permissions for printing and copying parts of your e-book.

The conversion process offers no feedback whatsoever, which makes you wonder sometimes if something is really going on behind that simple interface. Besides, batch conversion is not an option, although it would really make up for the lack of features.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Its simple interface matches the straightforward functionality it offers


  • No feedback is provided during the conversion process
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